16 May 2016 News

Motorcyclists beware!  A study out of Japan identified motorcycling as an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Although interesting in concept, it was only through fancy statistical manipulations that the researchers were able to propose that motorcycling could be a risk factor for ED as opposed to showing an actual difference in ED between bikers and non-bikers.

Thank goodness, because I’m not ready to sell the Triumph just yet!

All kidding aside, I was recently giving an interview for the Arizona Republic newspaper and we were talking about the well-known fact that men will ignore many health issues before going to see a doctor.  Please don’t ignore ED!  Erectile dysfunction is a predictor of heart disease.  Low testosterone is a predictor of diabetes.  Whatever process that is preventing blood flow to your penis is also preventing blood flow to your heart.  And this is not just for motorcyclists.

I am a Urologist in Arizona specializing in Men’s Health.  I can help you with your low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.  I perform the Urolift procedure for men with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and I perform the penile implant surgery as well as procedures for Peyronie’s Disease.  Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions.