16 Feb 2015 News

Normal testosterone is essential for normal erectile function and is an integral part of the evaluation for erectile dysfunction.  Aside from its importance in our sex drive, testosterone is necessary for the viability of the blood vessels and smooth muscle of the penis.  Researchers have found that castration decreases blood flow to the penis, causes leakage of blood out of the veins of the penis, and decreases nerve response.  Low T can also induce death of the muscle cells of the penis which can result in penile shortening, a common complaint as men age.

Low T and it’s relationship to chronic disease has been discussed elsewhere on this site and is well documented in the literature.  In addition, there are conditions which cause testosterone to decrease, including brain tumors, which I will diagnose a few times a year.

Any evaluation for ED in my practice will include blood work to insure that hormonal function is normal.  If your T is low, it is simple enough to normalize through natural means as well as supplementation.

I am always grateful for anyone taking the time to read what I have written.  I would be honored to answer any questions.